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Time change for us and an eclipse for others

November 2, 2013

Tomorrow, November 3rd in the US most states will get an extra hour by falling back to relive the 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. hour, when we reach 2 a.m. daylight time.  We now spend most of our time in daylight “saving” savings time than in standard time.  My locating in the western lower peninsula of Michigan are in the eastern time zone, whose time meridian runs through Philadelphia near the east coast.   We are 43 minutes behind our time meridian in standard time.  It’s even worse in the western part of the U.P. (Upper Peninsula).  It’s bad enough up there so the western counties have defected to the central time zone.  Daylight “Savings” Time or “Crazy time” as coined by one G. Michael Ross puts my location at one hour 43 minutes behind the time meridian, which at this moment is somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

Tomorrow morning also there will be a hybrid solar eclipse, one that starts and ends as an annular or ring eclipse and who’s central path becomes a total eclipse.  Here’s the eclipse map and description from NASA.

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