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11/15/2013 – Ephemeris – New information on the Chelyabinsk meteor

November 14, 2013

Ephemeris for Friday, November 15th.  The sun will rise at 7:39.  It’ll be up for 9 hours and 34 minutes, setting at 5:14.   The moon, 2 days before full, will set at 6:34 tomorrow morning.

Articles in Nature and Science bring some precision to the Chelyabinsk meteor of  February 15th.  Its orbit is very close to a known but unnamed asteroid 86039 discovered in 1999, and may be a piece broken off from it.  The meteorite retrieved from the nearby lake broke when it was attempted to be weighed.  It turns out that a security camera recorded the splash as the large piece hit the lake and broke through the ice.  The fragility of the meteorite testifies as to why it exploded in the atmosphere.  The meteor was recorded from satellites,  infra-sound recorders from the International Test Ban Treaty Organization, and a host of dashboard cams.  The blast, depending on who did the measuring could have been up to 600 kilotons.  (The bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima had a yield of 16 kilotons).

Times are for the Traverse City/Interlochen area of Michigan.  They may be different for your location.


Chelyabinsk meteor trace 15-02-2013

Caption:  Witness photo of 2013 Russian meteor event made from Chelyabinsk Drama Theater.  Photo by Nikita Plekhanov.

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