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05/11/2015 – Ephemeris – How to find the constellation Virgo

May 11, 2015

Ephemeris for Monday, May 11th.  Today the Sun will be up for 14 hours and 39 minutes, setting at 8:59.   The Moon, at last quarter today, will rise at 3:08 tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow the Sun will rise at 6:18.

Friday I talked about that in spring we are looking out the thin side of our Milky Way galaxy’s disk.  One of the large constellations we see in the south at 11 p.m. can be found using the Big Dipper overhead, follow the arc of the handle to the bright star Arcturus, the straighten the arc to a spike to reach Spica, a bright blue-white star in the south.  Spica is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo the virgin.  She represents the goddess of the harvest,  Virgo is holding a sheaf of wheat in depictions of her, and Spica is placed at the head of the sheaf.  In the space between Spica and Leo the lion to her right is, a great cluster just below naked eye visibility.  The Virgo cluster of galaxies.

Times are for the Traverse City/Interlochen area of Michigan.  They may be different for your location.


Finding Virgo

Star hop from the Big Dipper through Arcturus to Spica and Virgo. Orientation for 11 p.m. on May 11, 2015. Created using Stellarium.

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