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11/19/2015 – Ephemeris – The no longer quite first quarter Moon tonight

November 19, 2015

Ephemeris for Thursday, November 19th.  The Sun will rise at 7:44.  It’ll be up for 9 hours and 26 minutes, setting at 5:11.   The Moon, at first quarter today, will set at 1:06 tomorrow morning.

The Moon actually was at first quarter at 1:27 (6:47 UT) this morning.  By this evening, when it’s out the terminator, the sunrise line, on the Moon will be curved giving the it a definite gibbous appearance.  The upside down rabbit image in the Moon’s dark seas on the illuminated right half can be seen.    In a telescope or even powerful binoculars at 9 p.m. the Terminator cuts the southern crater Tycho in half.  The large crater Clavius south of it is just catching the morning Sun.  To the north the sunrise line cuts the large Mare Imbrium or Sea of Showers in half. In the mountains on the north shore of Imbrium the large walled plain, really a crater, Plato can be seen.  Pan near the terminator in the south and the Straight Wall might be spotted as a long shadow.

Times are for the Traverse City/Interlochen area of Michigan. They may be different for your location.



The Moon at 9 p.m. EST November 19, 2015. (2 hr UT November 20) Created using Virtual Moon Atlas.

Closeup of the Straight Wall

Closeup chart of the Straight Wall.

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