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11/27/2015 – Ephemeris – C/2013 US10 (Catalina)

November 27, 2015

Ephemeris for Friday, November 27th.  The Sun will rise at 7:54.  It’ll be up for 9 hours and 10 minutes, setting at 5:05.   The Moon, 2 days past full, will rise at 7:12 this evening.

This Comet Catalina, and there are many Comet Catalinas has the unique designation C/2013 US10.  This comet was found by the Catalina Sky Survey which looks for near Earth objects called NEOs, so there are lots of little Comet Catalinas running around.  I’ll just refer to it as US10 in honor of the downstate highway.  It’s like the comet with the unpronounceable name that the Rosetta spacecraft is orbiting is now known as 67P, and that new Kuiper Belt object 2012VP113 is known as Biden, because Joe Biden is our VP or Vice President.  See we astronomers do have a sense of humor.  We were hoping that US10 would reach naked eye brightness, but it’s under performing now appearing about half as bright as we thought it should be.

Times are for the Traverse City/Interlochen area of Michigan. They may be different for your location.


Comet and morning planets

Comet Catalina, Venus and Mars tracking for 7 days starting November 27, 2015 for 7 days. The at 6 a.m. or about 2 hours before sunrise at around +45 degrees latitude. Created using Cartes du Ciel.  Note that the comet magnitudes are still at least two magnitudes too bright.  JPL Horizons Ephemeris shows the current estimates.  Altitude and Azimuth grids are at 10 degree intervals.



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