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01/25/2016 – Ephemeris – Sirius the Dog Star

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Ephemeris for Monday, January 25th.  The Sun will rise at 8:09.  It’ll be up for 9 hours and 31 minutes, setting at 5:41.   The Moon, 2 days past full, will rise at 7:43 this evening.

While we’re waiting for the bright Moon to leave the evening sky, let’s look at another bright star.  This one is the brightest of all, Sirius the Dog Star.  The Dog Star name comes from its position at the heart of the constellation Canis Major, the great dog of Orion the hunter.  The three stars of Orion’s belt tilt to the southeast and point to Sirius.  The name Sirius means ‘Dazzling One’, a reference to its great brilliance and twinkling.  The Romans thought Sirius added its heat to that of the Sun in summer to bring on the scorching Dog Days of July and August.  Its ancient Egyptian name was Sothis, and its first appearance in the morning twilight in late June signaled the flooding of the Nile, and the beginning of the Egyptian agricultural year.

Times are for the Traverse City/Interlochen area of Michigan. They may be different for your location.


Orion's Belt points to Sirius

Orion’s Belt points to Sirius. Created using Stellarium.