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08/28/2017 – Ephemeris – Polaris the North Star

August 28, 2017 1 comment

Ephemeris for Monday, August 28th. The Sun will rise at 7:00. It’ll be up for 13 hours and 25 minutes, setting at 8:25. The Moon, 1 day before first quarter, will set at 12:19 tomorrow morning.

The bright star Polaris is a very important star. It is also known as the North Star and the Pole Star. Its unique position is nearly directly at the zenith at the Earth’s north pole, making it a very important navigational star. It’s about 40 minutes of arc, or about one and a third Moon diameters away from the extension of the Earth’s axis into the sky. As a rule of thumb, it’s angular altitude above the northern horizon is approximately one’s latitude, and it stands about at the due north compass point. Polaris is found using the Big Dipper, using the two stars at the front of the dipper bowl to point to it. It’s located at the tip of the handle of the very dim Little Dipper, which this time of year in the evening appears to standing on its handle.

The times given are for the Traverse City/Interlochen area of Michigan. They may be different for your location.


Polaris Finder Chart

Polaris finder chart for 10 p.m., August 28th. Created using my LookingUp program

Rotation of the sky around Polaris

Animation of the rotation of the sky around Polaris on the night of August 28/29, 2017. Created using Stellarium and Filmora.

I’ve left the constellation lines off.  The Big Dipper is seen easily as is Cassiopeia’s “W” opposite it around the stationary Polaris.