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01/20/2019 – Ephemeris lunar Eclipse extra

January 20, 2019

For those of us who may be socked in tonight we have a link to the livestream of the eclipse.

This is the link:  https://livestream.com/GriffithObservatoryTV/LunarEclipseJanuary2019?origin=event_published&mixpanel_id=f1e6c5e68dbb0-067054b61-43681f0a-2ee000-f1e6c5e68ec0e&acc_id=7596023&medium=email

I subscribe to their email notices, which explains the end of the URL.

You can go to their main site: http://griffithobservatory.org/ and scroll down to Upcoming Activities and Total Lunar Eclipse then Watch live online.  That connection is real slow now.

Update 9:p.m. EST:

Looks like they are having clouds over LA.  However we (Interlochen/Traverse City, MI) are partly cloudy with more clear spots than clouds, and the clouds seem to be thin.  The GOES satellite is showing a thin lake effect flow from the north.  So maybe we might pull this one off.

GOES Great Lakes cloud animation

GOES Great Lakes cloud animation for 9 p.m. Credit NOAA.

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