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03/01/2019 – Ephemeris – GTAS topic tonight: Spring sky wonders

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Ephemeris for Friday, March 1st. Today the Sun will be up for 11 hours and 9 minutes, setting at 6:30, and it will rise tomorrow at 7:18. The Moon, 3 days past last quarter, will rise at 5:23 tomorrow morning.

I will be previewing the skies of Spring this evening at this evening’s meeting of the Grand Traverse Astronomical Society (GTAS) at 8 p.m. at Northwestern Michigan College’s Rogers Observatory. The spring stars seem to get away from us with the rapid advance of sunset and the big bump of daylight saving time on the tenth. After the meeting there will be a star party starting at 9 p.m. On tap if its clear will be Orion and its great nebula, a star nursery only 1400 light years away. It will be a wonderful sight with its clouds and wisps of gas and dust illuminated by a clutch of hot baby stars. The Observatory is located south of Traverse City on Birmley Road off either Garfield or Keystone roads.

The times given are for the Traverse City/Interlochen area of Michigan. They may be different for your location.


Spring Constellations

The constellations of spring with some constellations of winter leaving to the west and those of summer entering from the east. Click on the image to enlarge. Created using Stellarium.