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07/12/2019 – Ephemeris – Traverse Area District Library Family Night tonight

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Ephemeris for Friday, July 12th. Today the Sun will be up for 15 hours and 19 minutes, setting at 9:27, and it will rise tomorrow at 6:09. The Moon, 3 days past first quarter, will set at 3:32 tomorrow morning.

The Traverse Area District Library (TADL) Summer Reading Club will have Family Night at the Northwestern Michigan College’s Joseph Rogers Observatory tonight starting at 8 p.m. This is part of their “A Universe of Stories” theme for this summer. It will be a grand night with the Moon and Jupiter. Speaking of Jupiter and the Moon, The Moon will be passing Jupiter tomorrow afternoon. So tonight the Moon will be to the right of Jupiter, and tomorrow night it will be just to the left of Jupiter. The Moon is in its waxing gibbous phase now, between first quarter and full. The word gibbous to describe the shape of the Moon means hump backed. The library will have a story time at the observatory next Thursday at 11 a.m.


A Universe of Stories Poster

A Univrese of Stories Poster. There’s an event next Thursday at the Observatory during the day. There is another event at the Kingsley branch of TADL at the same time next Thursday.