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01/10/2020 – Ephemeris – Eclipses today and to come

January 10, 2020 1 comment

I usually create these posts on the evening before the Ephemeris program airs on Interlochen Public Radio, though I record and post the audio programs the prior Sunday evening.  Wednesday we learned that my 102 year old mother-in-law Edith DelRaso was back in the hospital wit pneumonia after being released from the hospital for the same complaint This time it was worse.  My daughter, younger granddaughter and I headed south to Grand Rapids.  This lady had outlived all her many siblings, her husband and all but one of his siblings, and two of her three children, including my wife Judy.  She was ready to go.  At about 5:15 p.m. she breathed her last peacefully.  After a couple of hours with the gathered family we headed out to a favorite restaurant.  The weather in the Grand Traverse Area was worsening, so I got talked into staying in GR with my brother and his wife, and to head back today, so I missed posting this last night.  As a sad coincidence my niece’s father-in-law had a massive heart attack and eventually died at about the same time in Detroit. A sad day all around.

On with the show.

Ephemeris for Friday, January 10th. Today the Sun will be up for 9 hours and 2 minutes, setting at 5:21, and it will rise tomorrow at 8:18. The Moon, at full today, will rise at 5:20 this evening.

Later on this afternoon there will be a lunar eclipse, one of 4 this year. All of these are penumbral eclipses where the Moon misses the dark inner shadow of the Earth and skims through the outer partial shadow, where the Sun’s light is only partially obscured by the Earth, showing a slight dusky appearance on the side nearest the dark shadow. Being daytime the Moon will not have rises for use to see it. We will be able to witness the last two. The first of these is early in the morning hours of July 5th and be barely visible, the second will be in the morning hours of November 30th. There will be two solar eclipses, neither of which will be visible here. However, next year there will be a solar eclipse where the Sun will rise partially eclipsed here and we’ll see the last half hour of it.

The times given are for the Traverse City/Interlochen area of Michigan. They may be different for your location.


Our best penumbral lunar eclipse this year.

Our best penumbral lunar eclipse this year, November 30, 2020. Subtract 5 hours from the UTC contact times to get Eastern Standard Time. Excerpted from a NASA/GSFC graphic by Fred Espenak.

The Sun rises in Eclipse 6/10/21

The Sun will rise in eclipse at 6:05 a.m. June 10, 2021 in the Grand Traverse Area. The last37 minutes of the eclipse will be visible from around here. Created using Stellarium.

Eclipse map for the June 10, 2021 Annular Eclipse

Eclipse map for the June 10, 2021 Annular Eclipse. Click on the image to see the original PDF. Credit NASA/GSFC Fred Espenak.