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12/04/2020 – Ephemeris Interuptus part 2 – We are on! (Update)

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It’s hell to wake up in a hospital on your 79th birthday when you are feeling fine. I’m still being poked and prodded. I’m pretty sure that Wednesday’s problem was the Ghost of Stroke Past. Getting out of here today in time is the goal now. I’m sincerely sorry if anyone will be disappointed if I can’t give the talk.

Follow yesterday’s instructions to connect if I can get them up.

Thanks, and keep looking up!

Update 12/04/2020 2:19 pm

I have been released from the hospital.  We are back on for the “In Search of the Star of Bethlehem”. Go to before 8 pm to join the meeting. Note the society will be holding a board meeting from 7 p.m. before the main meeting. Anyone is invited to listen in if they want. We have no state secrets.