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03/19/2023 – Ephemeris Extra – Zodiacal light

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This is the time of year when the faint glow can be seen in the west at the end of asttronomical twilight in the evening. It’s called zodiacal light. It is difficult to spot the first time. The final twilight glow tends to be horizontal, along the horizon, while źodiacal light has a thin pyramidal shape tilted to the left along the constellations of the zodiac. Right now, Venus appears in the heart of the glow.

Some of my older blog posts also cover zodiacal light with images of it I’ve taken, so search for zodiacal light in the spot provided.

On a personal note: I’m expected to be discharged from rehab by month’s end. I’m hoping that a couple of weeks after that, I can get back to a regular schedule. Here’s hoping.